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Discover a fierce, timeless symbol of strength with the Sabertooth temporary tattoo. At 4x7 inches, this bold design of a fierce tiger will last 1-2 weeks and inspire you to seize every moment. Add a powerful touch of style to your look today!

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Kit Includes

  • Primer wipe
  • Tattoos with organic EZINK
  • Easy to follow instructions

How long will my EZINK tattoo last?

Your EZINK tattoo will last up to 14 days. 

The lifetime of your tattoos depends on size, placement, application and daily activity.

What is an EZINK tattoo?

  • Starts clear and then develops over 24-48 hours turning into a dark blue/black ink
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks (or more)
  • Gradually fades as the skin regenerates itself naturally
  • Looks like a real tattoo

Are they safe?

Absolutely, EZINK is safe. EZINK uses safe tattoo transfer papers compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003.

Our semi-permanent tattoos use a plant-based ink derived from a fruit, which is 100% organic and vegan.

Don't worry, all of our products have been tested to ensure that they meet the cosmetic regulatory requirements.

If in the rare case you experience any form of physical discomfort or irritability as a result of our tattoos, please email and get in touch with a medical professional.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Love this and love you guys for never letting me down

Alexander Nadeau
Tiger Tat

I placed my first order with EZINK and recently received it. I have applied one so far. The package is great. The instructions are clear and simple to understand. They are great at explaining the development process as well. They tossed in a bonus tat for purchasing as well which is super amazing of them. Follow their TikTok and join their lives as well. They love engaging with their followers and customers and if they can they will park and put your order in shipping right on the live. It’s super awesome. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again. Highly, highly recommend. Oh and another bonus. It’s plant based material. So for those with allergies or sensitive skin. This is a great option.


Very good tattoo very good quality and fast delivery to the uk

Chris Clifford

It was amazing! Really liked it