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Kaleb Symns
Fully developed

Really good product, came out just as good as I’d hoped, I’d definitely buy again

Masked Hero
Amber JACK

My Sons spider man tattoo is fully developed and looks amazing he shows it off to all the family, 5 star rating here couldn't be more happier with the outcome now the all the cousins want to try them out too highly recommend for children aswell

San Judas
Ever Olivas

They just the best of the best what can I say

Hugo Sandoval
The best

I recently placed an order for my son and my self theare are easy to put and it last a long time i had it for 2 weeks so far

Great stuff

Waiting to end cancer treatment before getting a “proper” tattoo. Wanted to try something in the meantime and was delighted with product and service. Tattoo lasted two weeks and looked pretty good in my opinion
Will buy agsin

Semi Colon Tattoo

Genuinely great service, shipping was quicker than expected and the tattoo fully saturated within a day, brilliant company, highly recommend their products

The semi permanent sleeves

The Chicano and skull / skull and eye sleeves do go rlly well together but the skull and eye is pealing so it’s why it looks like bits are missing but when it was all on it looks rlly nice but to anyone who’s reading the reviews and who gets a sleeve make sure you have someone to help you put it on cuz it’s hard to put on for the first time by yourself

Masked Hero
Amber JACK
Best In The Game

My 3 year old son was happy to receive his spiderman tattoos
And the easy steps to apply was amazing he really enjoyed the experience would recommend trying them out for your selfs and even your children .

thank you to the team at Ezink for these fantastic products


The tattoos come out amazing after time, make sure to shave the area you are wanting the tattoo though, as i found that when i didn’t.. the ink didn’t transfer very well (as it said on the preparation card) All in all, amazing product.. will be buying again 100%

Don't hesitate

I was a little skeptical about ordering after reading reviews from other sites. The shipping was fast considering they came from Australia. Plenty of status update emails along the way. The tattoos themselves look great and were easy to apply. I started with a small one just to test it out before moving on to the full sleeve. It did take the full 72 hours to darken fully, but it looks amazing! It is a good way to get the feel of a full sleeve before committing to permanent ink!

Very good !

The best semi-permanent tattoos you’ll ever come across , they really do last the 2 weeks as advertised!!

Jesus Sleeve


Alexander Nadeau
Tiger Tat

I placed my first order with EZINK and recently received it. I have applied one so far. The package is great. The instructions are clear and simple to understand. They are great at explaining the development process as well. They tossed in a bonus tat for purchasing as well which is super amazing of them. Follow their TikTok and join their lives as well. They love engaging with their followers and customers and if they can they will park and put your order in shipping right on the live. It’s super awesome. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again. Highly, highly recommend. Oh and another bonus. It’s plant based material. So for those with allergies or sensitive skin. This is a great option.

Brandon Ramshaw
Amazing product and brand

Definitely would recommend. If your thinking about getting a tattoo but don’t want to commit straight away use ezink .

Definitely recommend

The tattoo s come out sooo good in the end and after I bought one I wanted to buy another, the shipping was quick aswell and ontime. To anyone that wants to buy this product I highly recommend

Viking Cross
Julie guerin york
w af

looks lit ash

Jesus Sleeve
Callum Burgoyne

tattoo is perfect, exactly as advertised


I placed my first order on the Tik tok and I’m so grateful I ordered , they are the sweetest brothers and are so kind and definitely work hard to make people happy and would definitely Order again 🫶🏻😍


Very good tattoo very good quality and fast delivery to the uk

Bite Me
Mitchel Harland

Love the tattoo's they look amazing

Buy from here great tattoo

I love all these tattoos that they sell

Very good indeed

Waiting to get a real tattoo but can’t do so until I’m off blood thinners. Tried one of these as a stop gap and went for Travellers Compass design. I’m very pleased with it and will buy morr

Best place to get a test tattoo if your looking for a real one

I got a fake tattoo from you guys and it’s the best it stayed for about a month I got so many compliments even tho it was fake and then I went to get a real tattoo of the tat I got here and it looks the same I’m in love with it and some people will look at the tattoos and say I’m not gonna pay $50 for a tat and yes it might be a little much but it’s worth the money

Jordan Greenham
It’s what you would expect

overall pretty good product, it does what it should can’t complain

Lucky Dice
garry smith
Exceeded expectations!

From order to arrival I had regular updates as to where the order was.
Then arrived in great packaging with clear instructions as to how to apply.
Once on and had given the time to 'prove' it looks amazing! Fooled everyone with them thinking it was the real thing. Really good test run before getting the real thing done as wasn't sure what and where i wanted a real, permanent tatt so this was a great way of doing that!